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US Government

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US Government

Mr. Gilmore

    Email: gilmore_d@aps.edu

    Room: F212

    Periods: 2nd & 4th

Course Description: USGovClassDescription.pdf

Syllabus: US Government - SYLLABUS - Semester 2 (2011-2012).pdf

Parent Signature Sheet: USGovParentSignature.pdf

Units One-Seven: Focus Questions; Assignments; Journal


Final Exam Review

Unit PowerPoints:

Unit One: US Gov - Unit One.ppt

Unit Two: US Gov Unit Two.ppt; US Gov Unit Two Part Two.ppt

Unit Three:US Gov Unit Three - Part I.ppt

Unit Four: US Gov - The Presidency.ppt

Unit Five:

Unit Six:

Unit Seven:


Philosophers of the Revolution.pdf

Checks and Balances Chart.pdf

Separation of Powers.pdf


Senior Project:

Part One (10.14): Complete the following: List your 2 favorite subjects (one must a be a core course); list 3 possible career choices; list 5 things (anything) that interest you (make sure they are appropriate!!!)

Part Two (Due:11.9):

Online Textbook: civ.glencoe.com


-select the book on the left and click “go to the book”

-click to enter the “Student Center”

-here you will find links to the online student edition, chapter overviews, quizzes and vocabulary flashcards

-for chapter study resources, just select the chapter from the drop-down menu

-if you select “online student edition” you will have to enter a username and password for our school

User Name is:  CT2005    Password is:  45rutapr

-after the online edition loads, use the “Page Navigator” to go to any page in the book



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