Mr. Gilmore


    Room: F212

    Periods: 3rd & 5th

Course Description: Economics Course Description.pdf

Syllabus:Economics Syllabus Semester 2 (2011-2012).pdf

Parent Signature Sheet: Economics Parent Signature.pdf

Units One-Seven: Focus Questions; Assignments; Journal


Unit PowerPoints:

               - Unit One: Econ Unit One - Part 1.ppt; Econ Unit One - Part II.ppt

               - Unit Two: Econ Unit Two.ppt

               - Unit Three:  Econ Unit Three - Demand.ppt ; Econ Unit Three - Supply.ppt

               - Unit Four:Econ Unit 4.1.ppt

               - Unit Five:

               - Unit Six: Econ - Unit 6 - Micro,Macro,GDP,BS, ETC..ppt


Food Court PPT In Class Project - Get the handout from Mr. Gilmore


1. title slide
    a. name
2. restaurant choices
    a. choose 5 of 12
    b. creative ads
    c. slides 2-6
3. closing sales pitch - Slides 7-8


    a. why those 5?
    b. where and why would people from restaurants you did not choose eat at the one's you chose?


    c. taking into consideration the above question, what are the new estimated profits per restaurants per day & estimated total food court daily, weekly (5 day), and monthly (20 day) profits?