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Foundation for the Future


Project Packet: 2012 - Senior Project Packet.pdf


MLA Citation Generator: Click Here!


Step One: Topic Selection 

                    - Choose three (3) topics that you are interested in for your project

                              - You must choose three (3) in order to have a backup plan in the event you cannot find adequate information on one topic

                    - Find two (2) print sources and two (2) internet sources for each topic

                              - You should have a total of 6 (6) print and six (6) internet sources

                    - Answer the following question for each topic:

                              - "What further research/information/collaboration would you need in order to fully investigate this topic?"

                                        - Name specific things: People; Businesses; Statistics; Charts; Maps; etc.

                                                  - These are all things that will help give you a deeper and more holistic understanding of the topic.

                    - Choose one of your topics to focus your topic on (the other two (2) will serve as back-up topics)

                              - Answer the following sets of questions about your chosen:

                                   - A.  Explain your reasons for the selection of this topic, including why and how it relates to your personal interests.                              

                                          Be specific in your explanation of why this topic was selected, and how it relates to your academic or career interests.

                                   - B. What main idea related to this topic do you plan to investigate?

                                        What part of the topic do you plan to focus on?

                                        Provide information on the central idea you plan to research within the broader topic you have selected. Why did you narrow your topic to focus on this main idea?

                                   - C. How will you engage in collaborative, experiential learning? 

                                         When will this collaborative, experiential learning begin?

                     - Finally, print two (2) copies 

                                - One for your English teacher, and one for your Government/Economics teacher

                     - Template: STEP ONE - TOPIC SELECTION.doc



    Additional resources: Essential Question Overview Booklet.pdf




STEPS 4 & 5

Senior Project Checkpoints 1 and 2.doc

Helpful PowerPoint to help you have a more successful presentation:




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